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April 1st, 2010


Dr. Judith Rybicki

30 years Experience with

Highly Effective Results

A Complete Holistic Care Clinic!  

  Convenient Green Bay and Miami Locations



“Dr. Judith is Hippocrates’ idea of what doctoring is about: sensitive, caring, with a passion to assist people to heal naturally with an abundance of healing tools unique to each person and Time for listening, implementing and integrating the treatment. Judith skillfully treats the whole person – mind, body, spirit seeking to find the root of dis-ease & effectively gets you on the road to healing and wellness.”

Susan S. Public Health Nurse  

Announcing my new Green Bay location

2019 is already bringing amazing gifts to my doorstep beginning with a new Green Bay Wellness Clinic.  After a long search for the perfect place to treat my patients and serve the community of Green Bay, I am very excited to announce the opening of Heal Wellness located in the Oak Grove Professional Building on the corner of Main and Deckner St.  I now have two treatment rooms, a relaxation center and a larger teaching room for classes.  

Heal Wellness

1640 Main St. Suite 2E  

Green  Bay, WI  54302  



Are you feeling healthy or tired and low? 

Clear your mind, heal your body and feel whole again!  

Did you know that true Health Care Reform is inside of you? Believe it or not reform or rejuvenation comes from the same source that heals you when you cut yourself or you break your arm. It’s your innate wisdom at the control board.

BodyTalk is a holistic system of medicine which balances the entire person body, mind and spirit. There are no machines used, lab tests or special proceedures performed.

I simply ask the body a series of questions through the system of muscular biofeedback to find what the bodies’ priority in healing is during the session.   I am then directed to find important links of communication key to the bodies’ functioning, which have been broken from various stresses in everyday life.  Stress within the body mind causes illness and disease.

For example, sadness held in the heart can cause depression that can eventually lead to heart problems. Together, we wake up your body and mind by tapping the brain and then the heart to activate your own body mind to take over the healing process.

I begin my sessions with BodyTalk and then I let my intuition guide me in the use of Acupuncture, Cupping and musculo-skeletal balancing techniques.  At times the individual needs to release at a deeper energetic level, so deep breathing may be best to fully release stuck emotions.

The importance of a comprehensive treatment plan also may include specific dietary changes.  Subtle shifts in what you’re eating or drinking may help you recover that much more quickly.  Using Advanced Body Chemistry, an aspect of the BodyTalk System, we can identify food sensitivities and allergies as a priority soon into your treatment plan.  I find it extremely important to evaluate any supplements or medications that you may be taking as you may be plagued with unwanted detrimental side effects without knowing it.

Good nutrition and herbs or supplements are a vital part of a drug free healthy lifestyle tailored to your needs. It is with 20 years of experience in clinical practice that I find Natural Medicine safe, effective, simple and profound just as nature has intended.

Energy Medicine and specifically the combination of Acupuncture and BodyTalk is the fastest growing medicine on the planet!

Why? Simply because of its highly effective clinical results. The true health care revolution is consciousness based, in other words what you think so you become and what you feel manifests in your reality.   Our belief systems from our parents and their parents’ can limit our ability to move forward with our lives including making healthy choices that help us to feel active and vibrant.


“My intention when I went to see Judith was to quit drinking and using pain pills.   During the BodyTalk treatment I had a big release and while receiving acupuncture I fell into a deep relaxation.  By the time the treatment was finished I felt more clear and much happier, lighter for sure.  In three days time (Judith said it would take three days to process),  I no longer needed a drink and my consciousness is no longer something I wish to run from and my endearment is telling me how pretty and sweet I am again.’  EM


G E T   R E L I E F   N O W!

*Pain * Injuries * Skin Problems * PMS * Menopausal Symptoms * Depression *Insomnia * HPV *Hepatitis*Herpes

* Trauma Recovery * Addictions * Insomnia * ADD * ADHD * Auto Immune Disorders * Allergies * Anxiety * Digestive Disorders * Thyroid Problems * Weight Loss

“What I love most about being a natural doctor is seeing the transformation of my patient in one single session.  Sometimes the shift is so dramatic that someone can look years younger when they leave my office.  They look happier, healthier and leave with a spring in their step.  

What a blessing it is to witness many people heal along their path to wellness!”  



Heal Wellness

1640 Main St. Suite 240

Green Bay, WI 54302




Living Room Acupuncture Clinic

28 West Flagler Suite 550

Miami, Fl 33130


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