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October 9th, 2017

Balancing the Brain


Recent events along with the full moon in Aires caused emotions to be high and a level of honesty we are now mopping up.  Sometimes during negative events like the Las Vegas shooting, our brains cannot handle the enormous amount of intense sad information and we go into systems overload.  We then notice our heightened anxiety, we can’t sleep as well, we can’t decide on the simplest things and the information is played like a broken record in our minds.  We are trying to make sense out of something which is truly, senseless.

The simple method of Balancing the Cortices of the brain can help us to reset and clear the mind.    When our central nervous system is working optimally we can handle what life brings us.  This is a quick way to cope, as well to heal from trauma and emotional upset.  When the body filters the information it receives more efficiently we get sick less often, make sense?

Please come to 9th Street Wellness October 18, 6:30pm for a demonstration on how to balance the cortices as well as an acupuncture and cupping treatment. $25

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