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April 20th, 2010


Services Available



-Cupping & Chinese Herbs

-Transformational BreathWork

-Herbal Medicine Treatments

-Quantum Muscle Testing including nutritional evaluations of all Organs and Endocrines

-Cleansing programs consisting of individualized nutritional plans to meet the needs of each client, including juicing and high level excipient free herbal cleansing products from Premier Research Labs and Garden of Life. 

-Emotional support with Bach Flower Remedies

Affordable Natural Medicine treatment for Womens’ Health issues including, PMS, menopause, HPV, Infertility, pain, depression, panic attacks, allergies, psoriasis, excema, dermatitis, injuries, PTSD, insomnia, ADD, bed wetting, colds and flus, children’s behavioral difficulties, etc.

Initial Consult and Treatment with herbal and nutritional recommendations  $150.  

Follow up sessions  $125


Distance BodyTalk  Healing  Sessions

BodyTalk can be done remotely through the energetic fields of the practitioner and the patient. Distance treatments can be just as effective as a treatment with Judith in her office.

“When the hands are further away, the Morphogentic Field is being accessed.  This field uses extremely high frequency energy to replace and regenerate all tissues.  This is how non-local healing is accomplished.”

 – Dr. James Oschmann  “Energy Medicine the Scientific Basis”

Who can receive distance sessions?

Existing patients who have already seen Dr. Judith can recieve distance sessions for  follow up care or in a state of illness or crisis when they are unable to meet in Judith’s office.

What is the procedure for the session?

Email or call Judith to explain what you are feeling.  Dr. Judith will set up a convenient time to do the treatment while the patient is resting.  During this time you can tap on the head and the heart to reinforce the treatment.  This is not absolutely necessary but helps the patient to relax and to process.  She will let you know about the session and how long it will take to process as well as what the follow up protocol will be.

Single Session $110 

New patients are also welcome

If you are a new patient receiving treatment from a distance you must receive a Series of 3 treatments and email Dr. Judith the following information.

Series of 3 Distance BodyTalk Sessions for New Patients

Email Judith at healwdrjudith@gmail.com


Within 1-2 days I will assess when you are ready to receive a session.   I will contact you and we will give you a treatment through a surrogate person while you are relaxing.  It is not absolutely necessary that you be laying down or sitting and relaxing however it helps you to process the treatment.  

Judith will ask at the titme of the treatment if  “permission to treat is a priority” for your session.  If no permission is granted it may be due to the client

*Participationg in multiple therapies

*The client is still processing the last session which may be weeks at a time

*The client is involved in an activity that may be contraindicated with BodyTalk

At this time Judith will contact you and we will reschedule the treatment.

All treatments will be sent to you email after the session takes place as well as the processing time.

Each individual session is $110.00 and needs to be purchased in a series of 3, two follow up sessions are required.  The date of the follow up sessions will be determined after the previous treatment and we will schedule the session by email.

Included in the treatment is BodyTalk and herbal, nutritional or lifesyle recommendations necessary to help you in your healing process.

Total $330.00

What results can you expect?
The possiblility of rapid improvement in acute situations.
Gradual improvement over weeks, or even months in the case of chronic conditions.

Conveniently Located at:

Heal Wellness

1640 Main St. Suite 2E  

Green Bay, WI  54303


Living Room Acupuncture

28 West Flagler Suite 550

Miami, FL



 Thank you