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March 18th, 2014

Lymes a challange for Holistic Medicine

As a Holistic doctor I was quite interested in the discussion of Lymes Disease on the Diane Rheem show this morning.  As the tic population in America increases, there are more people suffering from the symptoms of Lymes and it’s damaging effects on the immune system.  Because it takes 7-10 days for the bacterium known as Borrelia burgdorfer, left by the little bugger to incubate (not including other micro parasites and bacterias) it may take sometime to diagnose.  There was a woman who went to 17 different doctors (specialists) during a period of 9mos. before she was finally diagnosed.  Each physician diagnosed her according to their specialty for example, a neurologist said she had acute migraines, an internist said she had fibromyalgia, a rheumatologist said she had rheumatoid arthritis, etc. These diagnosis had nothing to do with the cause of her feeling brain fog, depressed, low energy, achy everywhere with headaches etc. Finally after 9 mos. of her immune system trying to fight the bacteria, she was diagnosed with Lymes.  There have been studies as well that show the antibiotic which treats the bacteria left by the tic in the end doesn’t even kill the bacteria. After some of the symptoms lessen still the bacteria is present. This is true for many bacterias treated by antibiotics, it is not an end all cure for sure.  

This is yet another reason for the importance of looking at the person as a whole.  We as doctors must now apply science in a different way and take a quantum leap to look outside the box when treating someone with a complex of symptoms.  When attempting to determine a diagnosis based on a set of symptoms, holistic approaches such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and BodyTalk are optimal.  Why?  In this case we know there is something attacking and challenging the immune system.  When consulting the innate wisdom of the body the probability of finding a set of bacterias is much higher.  In that we can also identify the communication systems challenged by the invasion.  An already weakened immune system under attack can thwart any effort to wipe out the bacteria entirely. However, if we address the systems affected we can ask the body to optimize its’ attack and reconnect the weakened systems which have been challenged by all the internal processes of a bacterial invasion including the mental and emotional responses of the individual the probability of health is much higher.  Stimulating the organ pathways and the immune system with Acupuncture will also help to relieve the extreme symptoms and strengthen the patient physically and emotionally on their path to wellness. Certainly a series of treatments would be necessary to bring health back to the individual and much more complete and effective that anitbiotics alone.

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