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April 9th, 2010

It Works!

A special relationship is formed between the healer and the patient, it involves trust and an open heart.

If you are ready to heal, this therapy may be for you.


Dr. Judith    Practitioner

“Judith was very professional and polite.  The first BodyTalk treatment surprised me because she was able to see something from my past.  I feel her treatments have made the difference I needed, in two treatments the Trigeminal Neuralgia I was suffering with for 9 months was gone.” M.F.

“My son,  had autism when he was young but has improved greatly through much biomedical treatment. Then at 23 yrs old, he suddenly suffered from a combination of constant bloating stomach gas and a closed throat 3 years ago. When he ate, he had difficulty swallowing the food or it would only go halfway down to his stomach and, if he bent over, it came back up. He was so miserable. When he first saw a doctor, they found H. pylori bacteria and put him on antibiotics. That helped a lot but the gas and throat issues continued. We aggressively sought treatment – he had many endoscopies, medications, was on a gluten-dairy-egg-soy free diet for 2 years, saw a craniosacral therapist, respiratory therapist, reflex therapist, neurofeedback therapies, Functional Medicine, etc. with no success. We traveled to Denver, Poland, and to anyone we thought help as it was so rehabilitating and upsetting to him.

While in Poland, another parent said that BodyTalk had helped her son a lot and might help him. Through the web, I found Judith Rybicki who practiced in Green Bay (we live in Madison, WI). To date, my son has seen her three times and he has improved almost to the point where he doesn’t even think about his throat when he eats. The gas is gone. He still occasionally has food come back after he eats but it has improved much since treatment with Judith. Her treatment is also helping him in other ways by improving his attitude and relieving stress. Considering our recent history, we are very grateful. We have only been in treatment with Judith for 1.5 months thus far and plan to continue.”   S. V.K.
“After only one treatment the pain I was experiencing in my back from degenerative disc disease was gone!  Being a Vet I’ve had heightened anxiety for years and I couldn’t believe that after the treatment I didn’t take any of my anxiety medication for two weeks.  Now, I’m ready to return since my insurance approved  an out of group practitioner, as they see what a difference only one treatment has made in my life.”  E. M.

“You’re my miracle worker”. Audrey O.A.

“I found your facebook page through your website and I’m so happy I did! Last year I met you at the Virginia Grassroots Festival and you helped facilitate a tremendous healing within me! I have been looking forward all year to seeing you again there this year! Will you be there again? Thank you!”  MTR

“Judith literally got me on my feet again! Am so grateful for each session that unravels any condition: from sinuses, to pet allergies, headaches, any pain in the body, fatigue list goes on and on. It’s a path to healing from the inside out! Fabulous and sensitive practitioner!”  Iris

“Judith offers great treatment, so lucky to have someone with her skills and expertise in Green Bay! Thank you and look forward to my next treatment!”  Antonia N.

“JUDITH IS AWESOME!! She’s been doing remote Body Talk on me since August and helping me heal physically and emotionally. I see her when she is at her Miami office. She has a gift.”  Lisa C.

“Where do I even begin?! Judith was referred to me by a client of mine, but little did I know she would become one of my closest friends and mentors. She has helped my husband and I become mentally grounded and spiritually connected, both individually and as a couple. We started going to Judith for overall well-being. But what I didn’t know is that she would have linked allergies or physical ailments (no matter how big or small) to things that have happened to me, in this (and previous) lives. What she does is truly amazing and because of this, I believe in what she does. (So do the dozen clients I have sent to her for treatments and guidance in their lives.) I have done both in person and telephone sessions, both of which have been equally effective, but seeing her in person is always most enjoyable. What makes Judith so amazing, is that she is a great person inside and out, and her personality radiates through what she does regularly. Her craft is unique and what she does works. My life is so much better because of her and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you for everything sweet, Judith. We ❤️ you.”  Nikki G.

“Since the day I met Dr. Judith she has changed our life, my daughters and mine.  She has showed us how we can have a better healthier life.  My daughter who has Angleman’s Syndrome is able to sleep and understand me in ways like never before.  Her sleep has changed and we are both able to relax more easily.  Thank you for everything that you’ve done for us and what you continue to do.” Ivette S.

“Sentia un dolor de la espalda por 3 semanas desde que me cayi, tenia mucho dolor, ahora gracias en un tratamento me elivio!”

‘I have had low back pain since I fell 3 weeks ago and thanks to Dr. Judith in ten minutes I feel complete relief! ‘  Olga

“I first met judith taking a Body Talk Access course (highly recommend this for everyone) and knew I would want to work with her one day for my own personal healing work. well that day came a couple months ago, and Judith really played a big part in helping me get back on my feet. her deep knowledge of Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and Body Talk are a powerful combo when applied to any situation. judith will help you leap into new realms. she’s that good. and a phenomenal being. i’m very grateful we crossed paths — thank you”  Audrey D.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the BodyTalk Access class.  Very informative!  Can’t wait to start using Access on myself!  Thank you.  Sue M.

“Judith is a fantastic person, it’s so nice to be souronded by her peacefull energy. She is always in such high spirits and I feel bless to be treated by her and her soul.”  R. R.

“For almost 20 years, one of my conditions was that I had been exposed to Herpes Zoster, whenever I become stressed. Thanks to Judith and all her innovative treaments, I have been symptom free for over 6 months and my stress level has been at it highest ever, this pass year.  There have been other symptoms, related also to stress, body and muscle aches, sleep deprivation, but thankfully all symptoms has been leveled out.”   C. K.

“Dr. Judith Rybicki practices Chinese Medicine with a sincere concern for patients, as well as a high degree of clinical competence.  She has learned through personal experience how to sacrifice for the benefit of others and displays this attitude in her practice.  As a patient of Dr. Rybicki, you physical and emotional well-being are in good hands.”

George Kerwin      President/Chief Executive Officer     Bellin Health System

“I feel more relaxed and pain free with the treatment from Judith, I also feel more focused in my game.”

Marco Rivera Lineman for Green Bay Packers

“Dr. Judith was able to calm down a horrible red rash on my face that I have not been able to get rid of,  even with a dermatologist.  A serious rash that had been there for almost a year, is now gone in one session.  My skin looks great and I feel and have much more energy thanks to Judith.”  Kathleen H.

“A metal door slammed on my finger and I was in so much pain.  It hurt so badly I was crying and it continued to throb so I put ice on it.  Then Judith appeared and gave me a Fast Aid treatment from BodyTalk Access and within 5 minutes 95% of the pain was gone.” Dahlia A.

“I brought my daughter to see Dr. Judith with a rash on her face, not knowing what it was from.  She did some color energy work that my daughter thought was fun.  She told us that in 3 days it would clear up and exactly 3 days later…..GONE!  Thanks Judith for giving me an alternative to lotions, creams and medications that really works.”Rachel R.

I’ve been seeing Judith for about two years for ongoing anxiety and after I leave her office I feel so much better. Her treatments are very effective and stress relieving.  Natalie R.

Dr. Judith      Teacher

BodyTalk Access is an excellent course.  I would recommend it highly. Judith is a great teacher with a very clear presentation.  She has a great tone of voice, humor and good examples that helped me to remember.  I enjoyed the day very much.  Patricia P.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the BodyTalk Access class. Very informative! Can’t wait to start using Access on myself! Thank you. Sue M.

This BodyTalk Access class was truly moving.  I was seeking the right way to align myself and my energy and I believe that the answers were devinely provided today.  Many thanks to Judith and the Konbit Center for making it possible.  We heal ourselves, we heal the world.  Melissa J.

I loved the BodyTalk Access class, the protocol is easy to understand and the teacher, Dr. Judith is excellent. Beatriz O.

The BodyTalk Access class was just right. Linda C.

BodyTalk Access Goes To Haiti One of my students

“I met a 24 yr old Haitian man who said he was watching a soccor match when the earthquake hit then a stampeed of people started running and screaming.   He ran with them and stepped in bodies and blood.  I didn’t really know what to do for him because he seemed so traumatized so I did BodyTalk Access on him and I couldn’t believe how much better he felt.  Then i taught him how to do cortices on himself.  This man said his store was destroyed in the earthquake and the people took everything.  His eyes were so sad and now they are happy and he is laughing and said to me, “you are my family now. ”  Janet J.