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November 20th, 2016

The Unique Effectiveness of Cupping

Cupping is unique in that unlike massage it pulls up the layers of skin and muscle to allow the stagnant blood and toxins to be released from the contracted muscle layers.  Pain results from hardened deposits collected in the bridges of the muscles creating a toxic overload where the blood and nerve impulses can no longer circulate.  Cupping beautifully loosens this toxicity and helps the body to eliminate the waste organically.  At times bruising results which goes away in a couple of days.  Many cultures have been practicing cupping for years, I hear stories that grandmas, aunties and mothers alike did cupping when someone in the family was sick or hurting.  I think it evolved contagiously and there was a hundredth monkey effect around the world.  Rightfully so it makes you feel like very deep tension has finally been released which has been sitting there for years!

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